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WFD-26 5A Wi-Fi/DCC Trackside Command Station/Booster

WFD-26 5A Wi-Fi DCC Command Station with NCE Cab Bus Support

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The WFD-26 along with a phone or tablet and a suitable DCC Booster is a complete Wi-Fi DCC solution!
You can install this Wi-Fi/DCC Command Station on your layout to provide a DCC Control Bus output to one or more DCC Boosters and then to your track. Boosters can be Wifitrax WFD-46, WFD-44 or some other manufacturer's NRMA DCC compatible booster.

The WFD-26 provides a DCC Control Bus output to its connected Boosters and also provides two NCE Cab Bus connectors. You can connect any NCE Cab devices to these such as a Pro Cabs or Power Cabs (The Power Cabs will act as Pro Cabs), NCE USB Adapter, or Wifitrax WFD-30 or 31.

You can control trains from your tablet or smart phone running one of the WiThrottle Apps such as Engine Driver for Android, WiThrottle for Apple or use the TCS UWT-100. Commands will be passed on to a set of locomotives or accessories equipped with DCC decoders. Each locomotive will be addressed separately and be under independent control. The WFD-28 module may receive commands from more than one tablet, addressing the same or different locomotives. A roster of up to 100 locomotives with Function Labelling, or 200 accessories can be stored in the WFD-28 so that you can select the locomotive you want to drive from the WiThrottle app. The WFD-26 also provides its own in-built Web Throttle that can be used to drive trains from any phone, table or computer with a browser such as Safari, Edge or Chrome.You can also build panels with track plans including turnouts, lights, signals, track etc. and control DCC accessories from there.

The WFD-26 also supports a programming track so that you can read and write DCC configuration variables in DCC Service Mode. You can also program operational mode addresses and other configuration variables on the main track.

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WiThrottle is the name of a communication protocol authored by Brett Hoffman and also of an IOS app written by Brett Hoffman. Engine Driver is the name of an Android app written by M. Steve Todd.
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WFD-26 Wi-Fi DCC Command Station

Preliminary Information

This module is a complete DCC Command Station and can be easily installed on any scale model railroad to provide Wi-Fi control of DCC Locomotives and Accessories via its Control Bus to one or more suitable DCC Boosters. It is compatible with NMRA compliant DCC Boosters.

You can drive your trains from your tablet or smart phone running one of the WiThrottle Apps such as Engine Driver for Android, WiThrottle for Apple or the TCS UWT-100.

This module also supports an NCE Cab Bus, as a Cab Bus Master, so you can plug in your existing NCE Pro Cab, NCE Power Cab (which will act as a Pro Cab) and some other NCE Cab Bus client products such as the USB Adapter connected to a computer running JMRI. Connection to JMRI allows you to program locomotives from your JMRI configuration. So you can drive trains using your existing plug-in NCE Cabs. You can also connect Wifitrax adapters such as WFD-30 and WFD-31, which will allow more Wi-Fi phone or tablet cabs to connect.

You can enter up to 100 locomotives in the module's roster with function labelling, then select a loco from the roster to drive. Alternatively you can just enter a DCC address of an unrostered loco.

For example, you might have a collection of locomotives HO or N scale that you have bought with DCC deccoders already installed or you might have installed some yourself. You can mount this module on your layout and connect its Control Bus output to your DCC Boosters. You can then enter all your locomotives (up to 100) into the roster contained within the module. The WFD-26 module will behave as a DCC command station compatible with any NMRA DCC Booster.

Up to 200 named accessories may be entered and selected via the phone app or you can simply enter the accessory address. You can build Panels with track, turnouts, lamps signals etc. in a schematic track plan. You can use these to operate DCC accessories on your layout. You can also create up to 50 Routes each with as many as 10 turnouts and operate these from buttons on your panels.

The WFD-26 operates either in direct mode or home-net mode. Up to four throttles may be connected in direct mode and up to six in home-net mode. In home-net mode you can leave your phone connected to your home Wi-Fi network while you operate trains.

A Program Track output is provided to your DCC programming track. On the programming track you can program and read DCC Configuration variables including the DCC Address in DCC service Mode. On the Main Track, connected vis your boosters you can program DCC Configuration variables in operational mode but not read them.

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15 Volt mains power adapter sold separately.

WFD-26 Wi-Fi/DCC DCC Command Station

Preliminary Information


Length: 100mm (3.94") Width: 70mm (2.76") Maximum Height: 14mm (0.55")

Functions and Modes of Operation

Installs on your layout to provide direct Wi-Fi control and supply of Control Bus DCC to one or more DCC Boosters. It also provides bipolar DCC power to a Programming Track.

Provides two NCE Cab Bus connectors and acts as Cab Bus Mster to communicate with connected devices using NCE Cab Bus protocol.

Output Ratings

Maximum Continuous Current Programming Track: 1.0 Amp.

Power Supply Options

(1) 12 to 18 Volts DC independent power, wired to screw teminals on unit. This unit does not operate using AC. Input must be connected with correct polarity but module is protected against power reversal.
(3) Plug-in 15V mains adapter connected directly to unit - available separately.


Four M3 mounting holes for use with screws, nuts and spacers, or suitable wood screws with spacers. Mounting kit provided.


One RJ10 socket to be used as output for balanced RS-485 DCC Control Bus from Command Station to one or more DCC boosters.
Two RJ12 sockets to be used as NCE Cab Bus Connectors for 4-wire Cab Bus Cables. Supplies 12V power on each cab bus connector according to NCE Cab Bus specification.
One pair of screw terminal outputs to connect bipolar DCC power to programming track.
Two screw terminal connections for DC power input, (acts as power output when barrel connector used).
Barrel connector for alternative 15V DC Mains Adapter (Sold Separately).

LED Indicators

Red LED indcates that power is present at the unit.
Green LED flashes when a hand-held device communicates via Wi-Fi.
Blue LED indicates DCC supplied to Control Bus.
Yellow LED indicates traffic on the NCE Cab Bus.

Mains Adapter Details

The power adapter must supply between 12 and 18 Volts DC (15V recommended) with a Barrel Plug (2.5mm I.D. x 5.5mm O.D. x 9.5mm). The center pin must be positive. A recommended power adaptor is available from WifiTrax: http://www.wifitrax.com/products/product-PA15-43-1-detail.html


The output DCC driver to the programming track is protected against shorts.
Protection is provided against accidental reversal of the power input to the module.

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