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WifiTrax Sales and Offers

Sales and Offers

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Spring is here again and WifiTrax is repeating the GOWIFI sale as last year, a chance to try our Wi-Fi model railroad control at discount prices. Type the discount code GOWIFI at the checkout and you will receive a 25% discount on all modules.

Offer does not apply to harnesses and other accessories. Offer good as long as stock lasts.

Also, we offer FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING on all orders valued at more than $50 US.

That means you pay no shipping costs to have WifiTrax ship your goods to wherever in the world you live.

Even More: We are currently shipping all of our goods with tracking and we send you an email as soon as we ship your order, with tracking information.

Once your order has landed in your home country, we follow up with tracking information WITHIN your country, if available, so you always know where to look to find the progress of your order.

The WifiTrax system offers many advantages:

  1. You don't need a command controller and a Booster - this saves you a whole lot of money!
  2. There are no track signals - you can use simple 12-18 Volts DC on your track supplied from an ordinary mains power adapter.
  3. Since you can use the FREE Loco Operator or Tower Operator on your Android or Windows 10 Phone or Tablet, our system is automatically walk-around right from day one.
  4. You don't need to worry about radio, bluetooth or any new radio protocol - if you already have a Wi-Fi Router you're ready to go!
  5. If you already have invested in DCC, you can run WifiTrax locos on a layout with DCC track power - they are compatible.
  6. You can even use our products to control DC locomotives on your block-based layout. This applies to N and HO scales.

Last but certainly not least: Once you start using Wi-Fi on your railroad, you are all set to adopt the exciting new capabilities that the higher bandwith Wi-Fi offers over DCC. Keep watching our website to follow these as they come along.

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