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WFA-10 4-Channel Layout Sound Source Announced

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We've talked about Triple Aspect Sound and now we announce our first product: the WFA-10 is a 4-channel sound source that can be installed anywhere on your layout to generate pre-programmed sounds.

WFA-10 includes a Wi-Fi processor and special custom Audio Control Chip along with Flash Memory. You can use our Sound Manager Windows Application to design sound packs consisting of sound bites and schedules so that the sounds are played manually or automatically at appropriate times.

For instance, you can install a Diesel Loco Pack that will repond to loco state information sent by our Loco Operator app when driving a loco without sound - it could even be a HO or N scale DC loco. The WFA-10 will output all the sounds for the locomotive. Of course you might choose to eventually install one of our sound-enabled Wi-Fi loco controllers in your loco, but you can start with the WFA-10.

Alternatively you can use the WFA-10 to output the sounds appropriate to a factory complex, railroad crossing, farm, town etc. You can create your own sound pack using any set of .wav files, your favorite editor and Audio Manager.

Wi-Fi DC Now Available with WUFP-47

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Wi-Fi DC is our new technology to allow DC locomotives to be driven over Wi-Fi without modifying the loco in any way. It works with both HO and N scales so that you can walk around and drive your locos using our Loco Operator app on an Android or Windows 10 tablet.

Wi-Fi DC is ideal for model railroaders who have a layout divided into blocks to allow multiple train operation. You simply reconnect the power supply going to each block to a channel of our WUFP-47, then this module will control DC trains on that block under control of the Loco Operator app.

The WUFP-47 has four driving channels so any combination of its four blocks can be allocated to a driving channel. You can drive two DC locos at the same time.

WUFP-47 is compatible with other WIfiTrax technology and also DCC - you can switch any block to DC so you can drive directly HO scale locos with installed WifiTrax controllers. You can also select an external DCC input to drive your DCC equiped locos on any combination of blocks.

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Triple Aspect Sound vision document released

Read about Triple Aspect Sound

Last year we developed and released our first Wifi Loco products, two Wi-Fi Controller units to be installed inside locomotives together with a Loco Operator App to drive them.

So that we could bring you Wi-Fi Loco Control more quickly, we did not include sound capability in those products. No we have developed our concept of Wi-Fi sound to encompass Wi-Fi Loco Products, Wi-Fi Layout products and also our new Wi-Fi DC products.

We are calling it "Triple Aspect Sound" since it provides you sound from three aspects - the Driver, the Loco and the Layout. There is a lot to this and you can read the preliminary description in our new Triple Aspect Sound vision document. The components required to realize this goal are firstly changes to our Loco Operator and Tower Operator apps. Secondly a new range of products similar to our Wi-Fi Loco, Wi-Fi Layout and Wi-Fi DC products but with Sound Capability.

Tower Operator Version 2.0 released on Windows 10 and Android!

Tower Operator Read about WifiTrax Vision

Last year we developed and released our first Wifi Loco products, two Wi-Fi Controller units to be installed inside locomotives together with a Loco Operator App to drive them.

Now we continue to develop our concept of direct Wi-Fi control via Apps and Electronic Modules with our Wi-Fi Layout initiative. Read more about Wi-Fi Layout...

The components required to realize this goal are firstly a new App called Tower Operator. This app provides the means to design sets of Layout Control Panels using its Map Editing functions. Then you can switch to Run mode and control everything on your layout by clicking on the control panel Map. Of course this will run on Windows 10 and Android just like Loco Operator. Read more about Tower Operator...

The other components required for the Wi-Fi Layout are a new set of controller modules to be installed around your layout on or under the baseboard.

We've started by developing three types: Switch Machine Controllers (dual coil and stall-motor), Power Controllers and Light (or general purpose) Controllers. You can read about these in the rest of this news page.

Power Block Control - WFP-40 Now in Stock Ready to Ship!

We now have our first Power Block (or District) Controller available.

We have developed the WFP-40 4-Way Power Block Controller, pictured above, to provide Wi-Fi control of power blocks or districts on your layout. Click to read about the WFP-40 unit...

This module can be operated from our Tower Operator App and addresses some of the problems with power on your layout. It provides power to four independent blocks and detects current overload independently in each. It also detects presence of a loco in the block and also provides auto-reverse of a block's direction if a loco passes through a reversing loop, wye or uses a turntable. You can either supply it with 12-18 VDC power through screw terminals or using a jack for a mains power adapter - sold separately.

You can also connect a DCC signal to the External Synch input and the unit will allow DCC locomotives to be driven on the blocks that it manages, alongside WifiTrax locomotives.

We are working on an 8-way (That's 8 blocks) which will be available a little later. View Preliminary Info ... Also our Universal Power Controller coming along, which will allow DC locomotives to be driven using our Loco Operator App without installing a Wi-Fi controller in the locomotive.

Switch Machines - WFS-86 Now in Stock Ready to Ship!

We now have two choices of Universal Switch Machine Controller - 8-Way and 4-Way.

We have developed the WFS-86 Universal switch machine controller, pictured above and the WFS-46. These work with twin coil such as Atlas, Peco etc., bipolar such as LGB, Kato etc. and also any motor driven machine with an end switch (up to 0.5A). Also our new controllers works from track or external power and have manual inputs that you can wire to buttons or an occupation detector. Click to read about the WFS-86 unit...

These controllers can be operated from our new Tower Operator App. You build your track plan in edit mode placing the switches on the control panel track map. Then in run mode you can click or tap to change the thown state of the switch.

Our first Lighting and Signal controller is in Stock and Ready to Ship!

This is another controller forming part of our Wi-Fi Layout series. It provides eight low current outputs intended to drive LEDs or low wattage incandescent lamps. You can also use it to drive colored light signals or many single coil devices.

We will also offer a similar controller that has 16 outputs.

Check out the detailed specifications.

WFG-80 Eight Way Light and General Purpose Wi-Fi Controller

Our Wi-Fi Loco Controllers are available to buy now.

You can buy either a harnessed Wi-Fi Loco Controller or a Board Replacement Wi-Fi Loco Controller. They both fit inside many HO scale locomotives.

These units provide precision control using back-emf feedback from the motor.

You can find loads of assistance to help you install one of these units in your favourite locomotive. Click to View our Articles

You can download our Loco Operator App for either Android or Windows 10 to begin running your Locos.

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