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WFS-80 Eight Way Wi-Fi Dual Coil Switch Machine Controller

WFS-80 8-Way Wi-Fi Switch Machine Controller

Product Available December 2017

Price to be Announced

This Wi-Fi Switch Machine Controller provides Wi-Fi Control of eight solenoid type, dual coil switch machines. This product is useful when you have a group of up to eight switches fairly close together. If you have more than eight switches in close proximity you can use a second 8-way or 4-way switch machine controller.

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WFS-80 8-Way Wi-Fi Switch Machine Controller

This module can be easily installed on a model railroad of any scale where there is a requirement to operate dual coil solenoid type switch machines using our free Tower Operator App that runs on Windows 10 and Android.

Versatile current drive capability can control most dual coil switch machines using track or separate power.

Fully compatible with DCC systems. Can use power from DCC Booster or separate DC or AC supply to track.

WFS-80 8-Way Wi-Fi Switch Machine Controller

Detailed specifications to be announced.