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WUFP-80 Eight-Block Wi-Fi Power Controller

WUFP-80 Eight-Block Universal Wi-Fi Loco/Power Controller

Estimated Availability March 2018

Price to be Announced

This Wi-Fi Universal Power Block Controller provides Wi-Fi Control of eight isolated track power blocks and also allows you to drive DC locomotives within those blocks using Wi-Fi. It allows you to control the direction and source of the power supply to each block and detect a locomotive operating within the block. It also allows you to drive a DC Locomotive within the block using Wi-Fi using your Free Loco Operator App.

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WUFP-80 Eight-Block Universal Wi-Fi Power Controller

This module can be easily installed on any scale model railroad where there is a requirement to divide the track into isolated blocks or districts.

This is necessary when you want to include reversing loops on your model railroad or if you wish to run DC locomotives on the same layout as WifiTrax Locomotives or DCC locomotives.

This module allows you to control the source and direction of power to eight fully (both rail) isolated blocks on your model railroad track. The source may be fixed DC suitable for WifiTrax-equiped locomotives, Variable DC from a DC Locomotive Controller or a DCC signal from a DCC controller.

(p>This product is useful when you are building a layout in which you have reversing loops, when you want to run DC locomotives and WifiTrax or even DCC locomotives on the same layout. The key feature distinguishing the Universal Power Block Controller is that any locomotive within the block can appear exactly like a locomotive fitted with a WifiTrax Loco Controller.

Use this when you cannot or don't want to install a controller in the locomotive, but you DO want to control it using Wi-Fi, such as N-Scale where the loco may be too small.

Fully compatible with DCC systems and DC Locomotive Controllers. 12 Power mains power supply sold separately.

WUFP-80 Eight-Block Universal Wi-Fi Power Controller

Detailed specifications to be announced.